[quote user="slipknottin"]Well Seattle is doing exactly what they should be doing with Earl Thomas, let him free lance and use his instincts to make plays against the pass. They are playing him deep constantly so he doesn't have to do much run support,

I said pre-draft that he would have to play in that kind of system to be effective.

As for the giants who use their safetys interchangeably and often up in run support, he wouldn't fit so well here.

And if anyone watched Berry play against the 49ers last week, he's really coming on strong. Made a couple really good plays that show just what kind of player he can be.[/quote] Earls had to make quite a few plays against the run with poorus run defense Seattle has, and hes done just fine, hes making all sorts of solo tackles, and the seattle fans say hes very physical in his form, violent if u will... Hes very well rounded, and his size dosen't matter anyways, as hes the same size as Antrel Rolle, who we've seen as a ballhawker, coming up to the line plenty of times already to support the run or blitz.. If your on the Football field, and your gonna be successful, in todays NFL, u can't just stand back play after play, u have to show diffrent looks with your personel, and from what i understand, hes been a 3down player anyways.. Seattle fans on NFL.com Messege Boards and I talked about him alot during there win over SD..