[quote user="thegreatone"][quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="thegreatone"][quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="slipknottin"]Sorry, his 2nd tackle on sproles was a passing play.

So he had 1 run support tackle all game.

He is not a big physical safety, he is a smaller instinctive cover guy. He wouldn't fit in to a lot of teams defensive schemes.[/quote] of course he would, why woulden't he? The guys made plays all over the field, wheater if be a QB HIT or a TFL or 23total tackles 19solo, 3ints... And, again, thats with the Seahawks having 2of there opponets throwing all the time against them, becasue they were up most to all of the game, including a 53 pass effort from Rivers and 45 pass effort from Alex Smith... In those Instances, hes gonna be playing CF more, because its nothing but pass downs most of the time, but he still has a QB HIT and a TFL all ready as well, and Leads the Team in SOLO tackles.. The dudes awesome, and is probably in the Lead early on for DROY...

3ints, 1tfl, 1QB hit and 19 solo tackles, and on pace for 92tackles overall...
[/quote]hey what do you know bout donate moch OMB for Nevada. Saw his 40 listed at 4.25. I know that's not official but damn![/quote] I know hes got extreme wheels, and makes plays.. Other then that, i don't know much about em..

DE Dontay Moch Runs The Fastest 40-Time Ever!

They were the
ones who timed the run. They were the ones who saw it happen right in
front of their faces. But they didn't believe it. Nevada's Dontay Moch
had just run a 4.18-second 40-yard dash. That time would be among the
fastest ever recorded. In disbelief, they made him run again. He clocked
a 4.08 in his second try. That time is almost inhuman. So, they made
him run again. On his third and final try, he covered the 40 yards in
4.2 seconds. Maybe he was a little tired, but even that time is run by
only the most nimble wide receivers and cornerbacks. Imagine a 6-foot-1,
245-pound defensive end like Moch running it. Unthinkable. "He has
freakish talent," Wolf Pack defensive coordinator Andy Buh said.
"Freakish talent. That would be my two words for Dontay Moch. When he
puts his mind to it,


r>[/quote]woooow unfortunately sounds like a 3-4 olb but man this kid sounds interesting.He[/quote]That's crazy fast speed for a DE. So what's the knock on the guy? He seems a little small at 6"1. Not too many DE's that size in the NFL. The guys obviously got talent, I'm wondering why none of the major college football programs took notice?