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[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="Redeyejedi"]theres 2 many games on . i like watching NC im just watching them on D. I got Cal and UCLA on right now as well[/quote] hows Ayers Doing? I forgot that games on, there is way to much going on!!!!lol A sleeper RB for ya Redeye, Bilal Powell of Louisville.. Great Size, and is having a Monster Season, all though he is 25yrs old, but could probably be had Very Late....

Its why Ive got the game on because U wont stop talking about him

[/quote] sweet.. Hows he doing?

Probably having his worst game this season.He moves around real well though theres a lot to like. UCLA is getting there butts kicked

[/quote] Ya, quickly checked his stats, and i see he hasen't done much, but the kid can flat out play.. Hes made some sort of Impact Play every game of the yr, and more importantly, he plays off blocks very well, and obviously covers better then most SLB's i'd seen in sometime, and has great hands... Hes really really well rounded...