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[quote user="heavyhitter"]Florida State is really not playing well at all. They're still on top and haven't allowed a TD, but something is wrong w/ Ponder. Not sure if it's his shoulder or what, but he is playing like garbage. I'm surprised the score is only 7-6. Boston College should be up by at least a TD or two.

Ponder played awful. I know you like FSU but I have never been on the bandwagon that he is a first round pick

[/quote]Awful isn't even the word. Ponder should have been pulled after he threw the first 2 picks. And who ever said Christian Ponder was a 1st round pick?
[/quote]Ive seen it on here , draft sites I just figured since U likedhim u were on that bandwagon[/quote]Well that's just foolish then. That would be like me saying I know you like Jacory Harris(Miami) but I have never been on the bandwagon that he is a first round pick. I don't think any poster much less myself has said Christian Ponder is a 1st round pick.

Ive never mentioned Jacory as an NFL prospect U have mentioned Ponder on this very thread. I listed Luck,Locker, and Mallet and U added Ponder. Then on that FSU Miami thread .U had Ponder as the top prospect on the FSU side. Its not like I pulled it out of my ***

[/quote]lol- You're talking about the Florida State/Miami thread and I listed 5 players from each team to watch out for. There was nothing said that CP would ever be a 1st round draft pick. I think you're just pissed you made a prediction and statement on that thread that Miami was the better team and Miami would win. Well, we saw how that turned out.

Actually I could really care less that Miami lost. I like Miami. There one of the few teams I like watchingbut if I dont watch them or they dont win whatever its not a big deal.I dont own Miami gear or anything.Your the only one that seems to actually care about the outcome of that game.