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Prince Amukamara is just as good as peterson. Doesn't get a lot of attention but I think he can even be better than peterson. Peterson's the better athlete and probably the best natural athlete in the draft, but Prince is slightly more polished and more disciplined than peterson who I've found to be somewhat overaggressive at times

Peterson reminds me of suh. Amazing athlete but doesn't have too worry much about technique because he can dominate players with his amazing athleticism. I think peterson will struggle in the NFL, a bit. Especially against receivers that are quick, percise, and polished in their route running.


[/quote] Did U see the OSU game a few weeks ago[/quote]Did I see the game? I saw the game and WR Blackmon torched Amukamara and I even made a post about it under the "General Sports" section weeks ago(page 32). I'll go over there and bump it for you. I've made it clear plenty of times I personally think Patrick Peterson is the better cornerback. Not to say Prince is a bad corner, I just think PP has the edge and will be drafted higher. Please do me a favor and stop looking for an argument that is not there.

Dude is something wrong with U whats with the attitude. I was reading the postdid not know the gif was a seperate post. I think it would be pretty obvious the comment wasnt directed at U.Serious issues