also, i must point out that Julio Jones and Aj Green were pretty much non existint against Janoris Jenkins as well.. Thats 3 Sure Fire 1st RD WR's with Size to boot that Jenkins pretty much gave nothing 2.. I was chating to a bunch of Florida Fans and they were telling me, that if not for Jenkins they'd of lost the Georgia Game, and his work on AJ was strickly the reason they didn't.. I was looking at a site that ripped Jenkins for his work on Tolliver, and it made me cringe! I mean, did he not see any of the other games the guy played? Tolliver was due to have a breakout game, and i will give him that, he did a number on Jenkins that game, but jenkins has prooved that to be a bad game and nothing more with his work against Green and Jeffery from that point forward..