[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="thegreatone"][quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="thegreatone"]That's crazy the ark player shoulda pick up that blocked punt. Nobody around him[/quote] i coulden't believe it.. I bet on ARK last night, and they were getting 3 and god did they blow some chances to at least cover, let alone win... Some horrible dropped pass's inculding the one on the drive before the blocked punt, on 3rd down that gets them in FG range at least.. But my god, on that block punt, u gotta try and pick it up, because even if Oh St did jump on it(there was no oh st player within 10yrd), it still would've been ARK ball.. Then u got the fumble recovered TD for DANE for a TD, that was crazy, seeing ARK not get.... So many opp's blown by ARK, they lost that game, more then Oh St won it..
[/quote]yeah waaay to many missed opportunities. feel really bad for ryan cause he played a GREAT game. He had a guy in his face all night and was still playing well. this could be a very good QB class if these jrs start declaring.
[/quote] the only thing about mallett i don't like is how incredible stiff he is.. I realize he isn't mobile, but with that little added hitch to his release, hes gotta be at least a tad speedier in escaping or stepping around pressure, hes Drew Bledsoe type not mobile..lol When given time, hes insane though, those back shoulder throws, were crazy he was making, i freaking hate that little hitch in his delivery though..
[/quote]yeah he is a little drew-ish but he slid well in the pocket, giving him that little extra time to throw, and thats all you can ask for.

wtf? you cant type i s h??