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I was going to wait but since u asked

Stephon Gilmore


Alshon Jeffery


Thanks nice vids, The Jeffery one was better quality, why was that?

Maybe I compressed it differently. Its from the same game. There not done I have some more games to add to both players. Plus i want to square the CB's. Im going to do a bunch of players.Im going to start with the SEC. My hope is to get a SECand maybe ACC draft blog up for the 2012 draft.I was going to work just the 2012 players but maybe i will do some for players that I havent seen videos for like Ahmad Black. Im also keeping track of the corners Forced INC rate and receivers targets/ catches.

There's definitely an audience for it. The football outsider guys seems to be making some good money on the NFL side of things, but I haven't seen anything like that for college football (Could be an untapped market)

Also great game to do on Gilmore, I'm sure this time next year alot of people will want to see how he did going up against Julio Jones.
[/quote]I have it differentiated by Zone or Man coverage as well.Im going to clean up the videos as well. I just wanted to get the clips separated by players. Im pretty excited to break down Janoris Jenkins