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[quote user="nycsportzfan"]ya, but he also goes on to say, that Ayers has a Skillset and versatility to play in any scheme..

Lets face it.. The combine dosen't matter, all that much anyways.. None of the guys do what they did at the combine, at there prodays... Just yesterday alone, Brandon Harris had a Worse Vertical, and Jeff Maehl, Derek Sherrod and Kj Wright all ran worse 40's then they did at the combine, and guys like Justin Harper, Mark Ingram ran better 40times, and Damion Berry lost 5or6 lbs since then... The combine, is just one day to these guys, not a definite, what they do on any and all days... Like i said then, u time these guys tommorow, and they'll probably be diffrent times and leaps and all that stuff... It'd be silly to think hes a 3/4 guy based on just the combine... If he plays faster on the feild, and is scheme versatile, and can play in coverege, along with rush the passer and make plays against the run, then he can play in any system....

at least there is one person out there still alive who supports akeem ayers around here. Akeem Ayers game speed is arguably one of the best out of all the linebackers. So what if he ran slow? He's FLUID whereas Martez Wilson runs fast but is STIFF. A man like martez wilson can run fast in a straight line down a seam with a receiver on a go route, sure. but is he going to cover slants or intermediate routes with as stiff as he is? No. 40 times might be the most overrated drill in the book.

[/quote]the 3 cone drill shows speed and agility and Ayers did poorly in that as well. Wilson was almost a half a sec better U have no idea what your talking about.[/quote]

I have no idea what I'm talking about? Dude, did you read my post at all? I never said akeem ayers was fast in the drills, he was timed slow and was nearly bottom in all of them. But he showed FLUIDITY in some of the drills which I will take 10 times out of 10 over blazing fast speed. Think and re-read posts before you click enter man