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Linebackers that made the transition playing off the ball just from the 2009 draft alone:

Aaron Curry

Robert Ayers

Larry English

Clint Sintim

Cody Brown

I'll pass on ayers. Not that he never did play off the ball before, but I think he might be a little bit of a tweener honestly. Speed does matter in coverage as well as fluidity, you can't downplay that and try to convince yourself it doesn't matter.


So we can downplay the linebackers that DID make the transition? Two words: Clay Matthews. He can rush the passer, he can cover the slot, he does it all for the Packers


This is very true. Clay Matthews was used predominantly as a DE at USC on the ball and was a DE/LB hybrid in that scheme but he gainedlike 15-20 lbsbefore his rookie season tho whichpretty much means he's a pass rusher first, everything else second.I don't think you can compare clay matthews to anyone, he's just a special pass rusher and has a phenomenal motor. He doesn't drop into coverage or get off blocks against the run amazingly well anyway, the steelers ran at him at the super bowl with quite success. And Clay Matthews has terrific instincts where ayers really doesn't. I was reading a piece a few days ago about clay matthews leading the nfl in unblocked sacks (and they werent on twists and stunts either), he has great instincts/anticipation skills.


no i wasnt comparing ayers to matthews. i said matthews because you were talking about that on/off the ball stuff and linebackers that were or were not successful.

Ayers was used more "off the ball" in 2009 and was still considered a 1st round pick after that season. He's going to be a good player in the nfl and has as much of a bust chance as anyone else. If he improves at his pro day the Giants will jump all over him. Reese loves versatile players