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I love Wisniewski as well. People want to talk about players being perfect, look at that guy. Absolutely zero flaws to his game. Unbelievably technically sound and completely ready to start from Day 1 in the NFL. Unfortunately he's not an amazing athlete as he doesn't have elite strength, agility, and overall athleticism. But, meh, as a center he can get away with those things. Centers generally don't get out and pull a lot nor do they have to be huge or anything. As a guard I can understand why some reports say he's a mid-round prospect.

If his stock is really falling I'd jump at him in the 3rd round


Yeah I dont view him as a guard.

[/quote] I'm with you.. I think hes as good a C prospect as there is, all though, its nice to no, we can slide him to guard, if the situation presented itself, and he woulden't embaress himself...