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I put this up last night. Ive watched a good amount of Liuget and I think he is a tad overrated.


Absolutely agree. I tried to watch his game against baylor2 days agoand came away very disappointed. One thing I notice with him is that he starts hot but by the second half he seems winded and is just a complete non factor by the 4th quarter. you also read reports about him having conditioning issues throughout his career until last season which is unsettling. Also as apass rusher I think he's a little average.


I see him being mocked as high as #14 and I just dont get it. I just dont see a top of the first round pick . I dont even see a Top 20 pick. There are other guys with similar tape in the 2nd and 3rd round


We disagree here. The tape you show there is a bad offense to highlight a DT talent. Illinios spent most that game in a 3 man front.

Try the Ohio state game film where he had a lot more 1v1 matchups and had fantastic gap control.

The teams that see what they like in his film see a player great at controlling the person trying to block him, which is the most valuable thing a DT can do in a 43.
[/quote]Ive watched 5 of his games including that one. I just made this tape yesterday so I was adding a comment with it.I see a starter in the NFL, but a Top 20 pick? I dont like him that high at all[/quote]

Well I completely disagree, no biggie tho we just dont see eye to eye on this guy. He isnt a guy who is going to knife through and get sacks as much, but he is a steady pusher up the middle who with balance and thrives in 1v1 situations. I would welcome him on this football team I think he is 1 of the more consistent runstopping DTs in the draft. And, as I said, thats a pretty bad video to highligh him on. A spread offense that barely runs the ball and had the defense in 3 DL situations means he is double teamed all game. People should see his ohio state highlights to get a better idea of what he can do in a typical 43 defense vs good competition.