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[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="Redeyejedi"]Greg Jones 6-1 224 MLB/WLB Jones has been the most productive of all these guys by far but he doesnt have the frameor speedthat that the UNC LB's have. I do have to admit his production was SUH like this year 154 tackles 9 sacks 14.0 TFL 8 QB hurries. I think he projects as a WLB but who knows he could still grow into his body. He isalright in man and zone coverage and has competitive speed but is not fast.He could of came out this year but I think he was smart to comeback he needs the added bulk. People might not agree with me because his numbers are so good but I dont think he is as good as the numbers wouldlead U to believe.While he is alright in coverage State doesnt use him in that role as he blitzes the QB on passing downs[/quote] What do u think of your analysis of Greg Jones from last APRIL of 2010?? THi is what i mean, its cool we can see stuff like this.. U hit some things on the head, my friend, also agreeing with me on a few things though, that u dissagre with me now, about... Very cool, stuff

U know whats funny? I criticized him in the beginning of the year him for being to small and now I criticize him for getting to stiff because of the extra weight. LOL. I may be a little harsh sometimes with these guys I should reign it in a little.Usually when I dont like a guy Im saying I dont like where there being projected.I didnt like the value in the Top 100 like his rating but I do love the pick a lot for where we got him. Now that hes a Giant Im happy about the pick.

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Hes really good at shedding blocks, especially for someone who has a reputation for being undersized. sometimes he struggled to locate the ball and i wish his short area tackling was more explosive but looks like a good player and a very solid athlete. Hopefully he turns out to be a great special teams player