[quote user="nycsportzfan"]I've been outta commish for a bit while i was moving and switching internet service, was wondering if anyone knows anything about COMP PICKS for Boss/Smith/Cofield???

Wondering where u have been. I was looking for advice on a 2012 Mock Draft for Draftcountdown .I was looking at Texas vs UCLA last night. I never saw the game. Ayers was fantastic, very impressive game tape. I can really appreciate how difficult it is to scout players. If U dont watch the right gametapes u dont get the complete picture

Ive been trying to calculate that myself. The number 1 thing they use is contract but playing time and awards do factor in as well. The stick in the mud in this is Steve Smith. I just dont know what there going to value him as because of his injury. We may only get a 6th rounder for him because of the contract when in reality he was worth much more before he was hurt. Im guessing that Coefield would fetch a 3rd, Boss probably a 4th or 5th but Baas is a borderline 3 or 4. If i was to guess i think at the moment we will receive a 3rd and a 6th