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The more I watch of QB Ryan Tannehill the more I like him. He is still fairly new to the QB position in college having played WR at Texas A&M. I see NFL accuracy all over his tape. He is able to thread a needle. Why some College QB's Im left wondering if they can hit small windows I dont worry about that with Tannehill because I can see it. He has the NFL body standing 6'5", very athletic and Mobile with his backround at WR. He is becoming a must Tape breakdown for me at QB. Right now Id put him 3rd right behind Luck and Barkley and I could see him moving up. My early Top 5 of draft eligible QB's

1. Andrew Luck Stanford

2. Matt Barkley USC

3. Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M

4. Aaron Murray Georgia

5. Landry Jones Oklahoma


What do you think of Griff the 3rd?

He definitely looked good against TCU... nice long ball []