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The more I watch of QB Ryan Tannehill the more I like him. He is still fairly new to the QB position in college having played WR at Texas A&M. I see NFL accuracy all over his tape. He is able to thread a needle. Why some College QB's Im left wondering if they can hit small windows I dont worry about that with Tannehill because I can see it. He has the NFL body standing 6'5", very athletic and Mobile with his backround at WR. He is becoming a must Tape breakdown for me at QB. Right now Id put him 3rd right behind Luck and Barkley and I could see him moving up. My early Top 5 of draft eligible QB's

1. Andrew Luck Stanford

2. Matt Barkley USC

3. Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M

4. Aaron Murray Georgia

5. Landry Jones Oklahoma

[/quote] I'm glad Aaron Murray gets some love, because the kid is good.. Hes the reason i really believed in GA this yr, but it looks as if its not enough to put them over the top..
The Question i want to ask u is what is your top 5 RB's and WR's..

Heres mine..

1. Andrew Luck Stanford(dude is incredible)
2. Matt Barkley USC
3. Ryan Tannehill A&M
4. Landry Jones OU
5. Brandon Weeden Ok St.
Hon Men- Aaron Murray GA

1. Bernard Pierce RB Temple(this dude is so freaking good, it hurts!)
2. Trent Richardson RB Bama
3. Isaiah Pead RB Cincy(i talked about him in offseason, and hes been pretty beastly since)
4. Cyrus Gray RB A&M
5. Lamichael James Oregon
Hon Men- Chris Polk RB Wash

1. Mike Floyd ND(i had him here last yr, and i'm keeping him here, hes awesome!)
2. Alshon Jeffery SC
3. Justin Blackmon Ok St.
4. Jeff Fuller WR A&M
5. Ryan Broyles WR OU
Hon Men- Juron Criner ARZ, Greg Childs ARK, Dwight Jones UNC

[/quote]is tyler bray eligible next year for draft? it says sophomore but if he was redshirted he's eligible right?
[/quote] I think that is right...
[/quote]good to know. i liked hime before today but love him after. we need a new start[/quote]Bray is not draft eligible. Murray is, he red shirted a year[/quote] Greatone was saying next yr.. Are u saying next yr, or this yr brays not eligible?