[quote user="Raptor22"][quote user="nycsportzfan"] Ya, i'm thinking based off only the one week we've seen so far, which isn't a whole lot to go with, that the GIANTS could(hopefully not), be a 10th-12th picking team in this yrs draft... If that were true(hopefully not), then the handful of guys this very early on i'd be thinking alot about(of course could change through season) are

Vontaze Burfict LB Arz St- As much as i love goff, this guy is just a animal!

Alshon Jeffery wr s.carolina- If he were to make it to us, it'd be very hard to not pair him with Hakeem, plus Hakeem seems brittle, and Mario is a FA soon(right?), and we don't have much after that, unless barden comes back soon and shows us what hes made of..

Dre Kirkpatrick CB Bama- Teaming Kirkpatrick with Prince, would be something, and possibly re-sign TT for cheap because of his injury... WOW! Then were talking!

Matt Kalil OT U.S.C- Our Oline looked wretched, and even though we got some nice young players there in Petrus and Brewer, we still could go get a OT early on to really try and solidify the positon and depth...

Jonathan Martin OT Stanford- See Kalil....

First, I don't want to make any pronouncements about the O-line based on one game. They've got the best O-line coach in the business, and I really do think they'll gel into a force to be reckoned with by week 3. Familiarity and trust is the only thing lacking at the moment, and that ain't going to be solved in the draft.

That being said, I do believe JR will take an OL somewhere in the mid rounds (3-5). Some 1st or 2nd round guy guy who fell after the big-name linemen were snapped up early, and then teams moved on to flashier positions like WR or RB.

I'd LOVE to get Jeffery. He and Nicks would be an absolute FORCE together. Could anyone imagine a 3-wide set with some combination of Nicks, Jeffery, Thomas, and Barden? That's also a lot of physicality for the running game as well.

Burfict would bring a mentality to the Giants D that they haven't had since the 80's. However, he's a BIG risk in NYC, and also as cautious as the refs are about hits, a vicious 10yrd sack won't do a damn bit of good if they hand out a 15yrd penalty and 1st down. It wouldn't surprise me if Burfict drops because of his "character" concerns... just look at Prince, and the only knock on him was a "quirky" sense of humor.

If the Giants pick somewhere in the 20's (either through trading down, or pulling it together and making a run), they may very well STILL have a shot at Burfict, and the choice may be between him and Jeff Fuller (who I'm quite high on at the moment... I see a lot of Nicks in him, except he's even bigger).

In fact, since there are some good, maybe even great QB's coming out this year, we could see a situation like this past draft where some great talent gets pushed down in favor of maybe reaching for a QB.

How tough would the choice be between Burfict, Fuller, Mike Martin, and Donta Paige-Moss?
[/quote] Burfict is gonna go top 10... I would be surprised if he makes it to 10th overall pick, to be totally honest.. Hes a diffrence maker, a Patrick WIllis/Rey Lewis type player, having a full skill set to boot, not lagging in any area... WIth a full season of no trouble, i think he'll be fine by draft time... Burficts Draft stock is on the rise, his play is speaking volumes!

I love Jeff Fuller as well, and would be fine getting Fuller if we picked at the end of RD 1.. The thing is though, that there is a ton of ridiculous WR's, so we might be able to wait untill rd 3 and still pull off a Dwight Jones or a Devier Posey, Nick Toon, Marvin McNutt, Chris Owusu...etc And in Rd 2, u might be able to snag a Mahhumed Sanu, Juron Criner, or Ryan Broyles... Its a amazing draft for WR's, with depth galour..

As far as our Oline, u gotta remember, Kareem Mckenzie is at the end of the line, and outside of Brewer and Beatty, we don't have much there... I would like to see another stout OT brought in, and if a Johnathan Martin or Ryan Kalil are there, then we must think hard about it..

One more guy that excites me is Luke Kuechly.. This dude is also a nice fit for the Giants... I'd be very excited to have him on the team, and i would have no problem if we pick in the 20's, giving Chase Minnifeild a looksy....