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[quote user="BlueSanta"][quote user="Redeyejedi"]Pittsburgh and Syracuse are trying to leave the Big East and go to the ACC[/quote]

Big East is in trouble. There went a ton of their basketball revenue.

The Big East should of been more aggresive in recruting teams. TCU must be kicking themselves for joining that dead league. There going to get there BCS bid pulled. I read that Iowa State and Baylorwill join the Big East if the BIG 12 falls apart. If i was Texas Id go Independant. Why join a league that u have to win for a BCS berth.They could be like Notre Dame and suck but if they win 10 games they will get a BCS bid every year.

Anyone watch WV MD want to know how Irvin plaed

[/quote] I watched them but didn't really notice him Did he play?