not that we moved far but after the win i got us at about pick 19 if we were drafting today This is my weekly mock based on where we are at that point(and also team needs may change based on someone stepping up or whatever) PICKING 19th OVERALL

1 michael brewster c ohio st(jacquian williams looks great as of now so i took out zach brown and put in brewster as our oline looks like it needs some beefing up and this moves baas back to G)

2 markelle martin s oklahoma st(i think dwayne allen is gone by pick 19 hence the change in picks Also S could use some speed and range to the positon)

3 Frank Alexander de oklahoma(this dudes a beast and looking better and better wk to wk Tenacious and looks to be a all effort guy to boot Stock is really rising)

4 George Bryan te nc state(perfect fit for our offense Having a down yr but more due to loss of russell wilson to wisconsin then anything else)

5 Kendall Wright wr baylor(nice slot WR that could be a chain mover for us and help with depth/ think emmanuel sanders)

6 David Ruffer k notre dame(i think its time to part ways with tynes Ruffer is really good and very accurate with a solid leg)

7 gary gray cb notre dame(solid for 7th round Could stand a chance to make squad and possibly more if things go his way