[quote user="Raptor22"][quote user="nycsportzfan"]not that we moved far but after the win i got us at about pick 19 if we were drafting today This is my weekly mock based on where we are at that point(and also team needs may change based on someone stepping up or whatever) PICKING 19th OVERALL

1 michael brewster c ohio st(jacquian williams looks great as of now so i took out zach brown and put in brewster as our oline looks like it needs some beefing up and this moves baas back to G)


I think getting a C high would be a bit of a mistake. Baas is mediocre at G (he never made any noise at G in San Fran, but was a beast at C for them). They've got Koets at backup, and when healthy could probably push Baas.

If a C is far and away the BPA, I wouldn't have a problem with the pick... that strategy has worked pretty well so far. I'd just be a bit surprised if Luck/Barkley (and possibly Moore) don't push some great talent down.
[/quote] Hes a fine Guard and not a mike brewster type C(potentially) Brewster is a beast and has the potential to be a top 5-10 C in this league and with DIehl being owed 3plus mill next yr a spot at G may open up and if the giants pick around there and the Value is right for Brewster its certainly a decent idea to move Baas back to G and Brewster to C Our Oline needs a jolt of top notch talent in my opinion