[quote user="BlueSanta"][quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="BlueSanta"][quote user="Redeyejedi"]Hey Sportzfan werent we told Sean Lee wasnt going to be good in the NFL. He looks pretty good to me[/quote]

I dont remember nearly as much of a negative reaction about Lee as I did about Poz. I do remember liking Lee more for a 34 than a 43 though, which got a few people mad at me.

I never thought much of Poz who was quite popular on these boards.

[/quote] Its becasue of Poz that Lee got negative attention LOL People tend to get bad wraps if that positon from that school(like TEXAS and Safetys before my boy Earl thomas put a end to that!) has a few duds in a row I never think like that but quite a few did I actually said of LEE like i did Chad Jones "they remind me of giants draft picks" Obviously we drafted JONES but LEE has that Giant Feel to him as well Anyhow LB's outta Penn St seem to get a bum wrap but hopefully LEE will change that perception
ehh i dunno. I agree with everything your saying up until you say PSU Lbs get a bum wrap. If anything I think its the opposite.
[/quote] U serious? I don't know most i seen kinda started thinking down on em for awhile and that Sean Lee was just the next in line for that But hey no biggie