[quote user="thegreatone"][quote user="nycsportzfan"]Its that time again, the Weekly Mock Draft from everybodys favorite Sportzfan!!!lol WHat a WIN against NE! Just remarkable! The talent on this giants team , is litteraly from Top to bottom.. I mean, if they could ever stay healthy, they could have the most Talent from Top to bottom, hands down in the whole league.. Anyhow, i got us picking 28th this week, up from i think 26th last wk... And obviously, every round, i'm doing my mock with us picking 28th in that Round... I'm also giving us as i did last week, a 4th round COMP pick for barry cofield, as i think thats what we'll get for him... Lets do it!!

1. Micahel Brewster C Ohio St- Its clear, we still haven't solved our longterm C problem, as Baas has been good but not great, and injury prone, and i'd like him to move over to his natural G positon next yr and take over for soon to be ex giant(thanks for memories davie!), David Diehl.. Diehl is due to much money and will certainly be let go after this season.. I don't need to rant about Brewster because hes in a few of my prior mocks.. Hes a great C prospect, and i think will really help that Up the Gut running for us.. Hes a complete C with great size, technique and nastiness..Reminds me of Alex Mack...

2. Tj Mcdonald S U.S.C- I really like McDonald, and i don't know how much Doe KP will ask for when his FA'cy comes up, and we could simply use another S that can get after it against the Pass, but yet has the size to defend the run as well.. McDonald is right at the top of the Safety Class, but its not a great top heavy class, so i got him falling to end of RD 2 for us.. He Reminds me of KP kinda, but the KP before the Knee issues.. McDonald could have the career we thought KP was gonna have..(not that KPs been dreadful or anything, but u know what i mean)

3. Devin Taylor DE South Carolina- A athletic Freak! U put him on the field with JPP, and Kiwi, and Marvin Austin, and Linval, and Prince, and TT, and Rolle, and Jaquain WIlliams, and yada yada yada, and jesus!!lol Hes very Long obviously, and has gotten a pick in back to back yrs because of that length, and i could see him being a batted ball machine, and really help keep the stable of pass rushers filled for us, with OSI's future in question and Tuck another yr older..

4 Doug Martin RB Boise St- I see a bit of Ray Rice in Martin, and with Bradshaws feet issues and Jacobs probably out of here after the season, a RB could be usefull, and Martin runs hard, has pretty solid enough speed, nice low center of gravity, and can keep going after contact... Martin/Bradshaw/Scott as are future 3rb's... They could really be a beastly 3some..

4. Jerry Franklin LB Arkansas- As redeye does, i also just really like Franklins game.. With Goffs injury, we could bring in another MLB to challenge Greg Jones going forward, or possibly move Franklin to SLB, and Kiwi back to End.. Either way, Franklin is good value in the COMP picks of RD 4, and worth a shot...

5. Cameron Chism CB Maryland- Not sure if he makes it here, but its possible with a good class of CB's coming out, and i'm sure a heap of Jr's as well.. Chism is very underrated and has the Giant CB size, and very good speed and expierence.. His ball skills are above averege and to be honest, i'm surprised he dosen't get more attention, all though Maryland is having a horrific season..

6. Chandler Harnish QB No. Illinois- Spoken about him before, and hes back in this mock.. I like Chandler becasue of his versatility, with the ability to Run and throw, and he seems to have a bit of that "it" factor, and is worth taking a chance on, in my opinion..

7. Josh Chichester TE Louisville- A nice Sleeper pick, whos more WR then Blocking TE, but when u used to be a WR, that is usually how it works..lol hes got a ton of the physical tools, and room to add weight, and just on upside and potential, is worth a shot.. A intriguing guy....

this is interesting as there are a lot of guys i like around 28. lamaar miller,ta'amu,konz,allen,worthy hmm. yes i know you dont like to pick underclassmen but seeing as you and i arent psychics i dont care about accuracy but this is how id go.

1.Lamaar Miller RB Miami- miller is a great rb and is gaining steam every week it seems. We have to revamp our run game and that starts with the oline. Unfortunately it doesnt seem like our FO like interior linemen in round one. Jacobs has completely fallen off the reservation (oline hugely to blame) and bradshaw feet always seem to have some problem. Miller could be a major offensive weapon for us.(Alt: worthy)

2.Lucas Nix OG Pitt- same as last week. Big body, interior lineman, great potential.

3.Brandon Boykin CB Georgia- not really in giants mold but personally i dont like our mold. I want speed on the edges

4.TY Hilton WR FIU- same as last week. He will move up in the next few months but until then STEAL!

4.Lance Lewis WR ECU
- there are alot of factors that will play into this pick. Nicks and cruz are gimmies unless one of them holds out. After that the field gets muddled. jernigan you can probably keep, but what a disappointing rookie year so far. MM will command big bucks, hixon might be done, barden needs to step it up. Lewis is a very good possession receiver and can make the tough catches. reminds me a lot of amani

5.Tyrone Crawford DE Boise ST

6.James Brown OT Troy

7.Moe Petrus C Uconn
[/quote] The Thing about T.Y Hilton that i think will make us not pick him is we just picked Jerrnigan whos similar in playing style, size, and even outta the same confrence..lol There basically the same player.. So, i'd be surprised if we took another player like that, and i would be surprised if we went WR twice, unless one was just to much value in the end rounds.. I like the value of Tyrone Crawford in RD 5, as a potentially solid rotational DE, all though, he might go earier, but if there in 5, good value..
Petrus and Nix would bring solid size and run blocking to the table, and would help that interior run game... As i told Santa, i'm not huge on Lamar Miller right now, because i feel he trys going around the contact more then through it, and in bad situations, when he should be plowing for the first down, i've seen that style by him cost his team, but the upside is tremendous... Solid, all though i'd do a few things diffrent.. I liked your last mock better...