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[quote user="nycsportzfan"]I'm confused about a few players, mainly a couple actually.. What is the deal with Brandon Thompson DT Clemson and Billy Winn DT Boise st? I constantly see them mocked in RD 1, with Thompson sometimes in the TOP 10, and yet they barley make any impact plays at all, and i realize that they could be plugging holes, but it don't seem like there really tearing up the tackle numbers either.. I admit, to not paying much mind to these paticular players, so i could be in LF on this, but maybe someone can enlighten me to the hype on these 2?

Winn is a guy I think people like more because of potiental and versatility. He plays all over the line and has good length to his frame.Im personally not a big fan but I admit im not as versed on him as some of the other guys.

Brandon Thompson I am more familiar with. He looked real good down the stretch of 2010 and I thought he was in for a huge year but it hasnt really worked out that way.I think what bothers U is the lack of penetration and play making and i cant really argue with U there.Thompson probably is a 1 Tech in the NFL. He does a good job of couping blockers and freeing other players to make plays. He has talent but it often doesn't translate to him finishing the play himself. He does do a good job of pushing the pocket but I could see why that might be enough to warrant a very high draft grade

[/quote] ya, i figured Thompson was a free up defender DT, by his lack of big plays.. Its not a great yr for DT's as far as early on... So i guess people will reach a bit for any upside... Winn is versatile, but hes gotta start making plays or he might lose some luster to some nfl teams... I wonder if Thompson will go before Worthy?
[/quote]Not a great year for defenders either.Lack of Pass Rushers in this draft as well. The LB prospects have played very poorly. Burfict has been awful Im not sure he will even declare. Teo has not impressed me either, Very Poor Technique. Kuechly has made a lot of tackles but his team is horrible.So many tackles are made after the guy gains 7 yards.