Anyone Watch The FSU Miami game? 5 draft eligible plays stood out to me: Lamar Miller showed some really nice north-south running. Sean Spence played very well at LB for Miami. Brandon Jenkins spent all day in the Miami backfield. Maybe, the best game was from Nigel Bradham prior to his ejection. Lastly, Greg Reid was electric as a returner. He had 1 punt return for a TD and a 2nd long return that was called back but was jaw dropping. He really is something else. He is a good corner too, but is unlikely to be much more than a nickelback because of his height.

On that Bradham ejection, I normally do not like Matt Millen in the booth at all, but he was very vocal about that call and I agreed with him 100%. Bradham didnt launch himself and he didnt use his helmet, nor did he hit the recievers head. All he did was stand his ground and lower his shoulder as the Miami QB led the WR right into him. Its no reason to eject a player and it shouldnt even be a penalty. I understand the need to protect defenseless players, but they need to make changes to the rules for offenses too if they really had players interest at heart. At least half the monster hits taking place on WR are the QBs or OCs fault for leading WRs in to defenders.