Okay, I was going to post this over in the LB thread, but it got a little off topic, so its going here:

I honestly believe that Kuechly will fall into the 2nd round. "Solid
Athletes" do not get drafted in the first round. It really doesn't
matter how good a football player they are, if somebody doesn't blow up
the combine, they're not going in the 1st.

IMO, Courtney Upshaw, Dont'a Hightower (if he comes out), and Zach Brown
will vie for first LB off the board (Upshaw is my pick to go first, and
to some 34 team in need of a passrusher, I'm thinking maybe Chargers or
Pats). Also, I'm thinking the Ravens will grab Burfict, particularly if
they miss the playoffs. Indy probably wants another Peyton, so I can
see Baltimore wanting another Ray Lewis.

As for the Giants, I think Kuechly in the 2nd is a classic Reese pick. Insane value at a position of need.

In the 1st I'm thinking either Dwayne Allen, Mike Martin, or some
road-grader C/G that fell due to not being secksy enough (Snee-II). Both
fit the Giants' mold, and both could/should be there in the late 1st.
If they don't get Martin in the 1st, I could see Jarrod Crick falling to
the 3rd, (undersized and injured, not a good combination) and would be an absurd value there.