[quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="Raptor22"][quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="Redeyejedi"]Burfict got benched last night in ASU's loss for personal fouls. Probably will enter the draft with mountains of awful tape from this season.[/quote] I agree! I stuck up for him for awhile but i'm past all that U watched the game last night? How about Brock Osweiler? That dude can make all the throws! Super looking QB prospect in my opinion

Osweiler's my favorite QB next year... and he Damn well BETTER be able to make all the throws... his release point is only about 9 feet in the air... imagine him with a Plax or Barden type receiver (or NE's tight ends?)?[/quote] I really like Tyler Wilson as well but Osweiler is right up there! Tahj Boyd is in the mix but i want to see how he comes out after a dud last wk tonight against a solid D in S Carolina I soured on Boyd a bit lately with his erratic accuracy Osweiler Wilson and Logan Thomas are the 3 that excite me the most though A sleeper would be Glennon from Nc State
[/quote]Tyler Bray and Aaron Murray are the 2 best in my opinion. Logan Thomas is very intriguing prospect though[/quote] I knew i was forgetting someone! Aaron murray is right up there for me as well! Bray isn't quite as high but i see the intrigue I'd go like this with rankings

1 Tyler Wilson QB Ark
2 Brock Osweiler QB Arz St
3 Aaron murray QB GA
4 Logan Thomas QB Tech
5 Bray and Boyd