[quote user="nycsportzfan"]man Robert Griffin is just one cool dude! He just seems so genuine and thats coming from a guy(me) whos just totally skeptical of athletes and that true persona He really struck me as down to earth and very humble and even keeled He must of mentioned BAYLOR U about 15 times in his speech and his coach Art Briles another handful of times Hes got a Sgt mother and a Sgt father and talks with grace and dignity and i gotta admit I'm just that much more a fan of RG3 then i was yesterday! I really hope he dosen't end up in our nation's capitol LOL I would like to see him end up in Kansas City or Jacksonville(new ownership and possibly HC and cheaper Draft picks means u don't take as big a loss if u cut ties with a top pick quicker now a days) Anyhow I think RG3 is gonna be extremely good player at the next level How funny was it when Chris Fowler was running through his nicknames and said "baby jesus" and Robert got totally embaressed and i believe it was because of his family being in the audience Just a great dude!

[/quote]yeah kid is all around amazing. i think he'll be a dolphin