[quote user="nycsportzfan"]I knew Jason pIerre paul's arm length combined with his athletic ability was gonna be a huge weapon for who ever drafted him! Dudes a beast and its not often i see guys who don't have a TON of expierence and think there gonna be good rather quickly in the NFL but JPP was one guy i did! Becasue of how quickly he produced from his what 1yr of high school ball to 1yr of Community college to one yr of Bigtime college ball? He didn't need any time to pick it up at those levels and i figured then that he was just one of those rare breeds of player that just has a calling card to play football and picks it up quickly and he has! most were downright fearful of picking him in RD 1 as they thought he had BUST written all over him but because of how quickly he seemed to pick things up at his prior levels he grew on me and became a guy i wanted and thought would produce quickly! Great pick!
[/quote]U have to remember JPP struggled for the first 10 games last year.He graded out last year as one of the worst pass rushers in the NFL.He got way more snaps then he was supposed to because of Kiwis injury.This allowed him to work out the kinks and by week 11 he started to figure it out.Kiwis injury I believe pushed his development a year up. That being said the growthnow to Year 2 has been staggering. To go from where he was at South Florida to the player that was on the field last night is insane