[quote user="heavyhitter"][quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="heavyhitter"]I realize Florida State has got 4 freshmen starting on their O-Line but they've gotta step up their play if they want to win this game. They are not helping out EJ Manuel one bit. Defense has looked good so far.
[/quote] great minds think alike! Fla St's offense is dreadful!
[/quote]They actually have a lot of talent on offense, but they have got to protect their QB.
[/quote] I don't know man EJ didn't look all to impressive against Fla or Virginia and has very few stand out games I know they don't have Andrew Datko but at some point they did and i still don't see any games where your like "whoa this EJ kid is really good!" Of course im talking about teams that have at least a tad bit of talent and not bum squads like NC STATE or DUKE