[quote user="BlueSanta"][quote user="nycsportzfan"]I never did <span class="echo-item-text">my weekly </span><span class="echo-item-text">mock after the JET WIN Here we go! Picking 23rd is what i got us

1 Devon Still DT Penn St- Dudes a beast with a non stop </span><span class="echo-item-text">motor and great size With Canty getting older and Austin being outta football for 2yrs by the ti</span><span class="echo-item-text">me next season rolls around i think its a good idea taking Still here for his Upside and for the fact we need one </span><span class="echo-item-text">more reliable big upside DT for the rotation going forward Still has 17TFL and 4 and a Half Sacks so far

2 Travis Lewis LB Oklaho</span><span class="echo-item-text">ma- I love Lewis! I think hes gonna be a huge steal if he goes this late in the 2nd round Hes a ALL AROUND LB who </span><span class="echo-item-text">makes plays against the run and in the pass ga</span><span class="echo-item-text">me I see a pro bowl in his future

3 Julian </span><span class="echo-item-text">miller DE W Virginia- Another player i love! Julian re</span><span class="echo-item-text">minds </span><span class="echo-item-text">me of a young Justin Tuck for his size and Versatility as he lines up inside at DT for the WV club as well JPP and Julian would be a fearso</span><span class="echo-item-text">me DUO at End going forward Julian has 11 TFL and 6sacks to go along with 2 FF so far this yr

4 Willia</span><span class="echo-item-text">m Vlachos C Alaba</span><span class="echo-item-text">ma- A nasty </span><span class="echo-item-text">mauling C whos been blocking for 2 rugged s</span><span class="echo-item-text">mash </span><span class="echo-item-text">mouth runners in his ti</span><span class="echo-item-text">me at Ba</span><span class="echo-item-text">ma(ingra</span><span class="echo-item-text">m and richardson) and we could use a upgrade at C and possible long ter</span><span class="echo-item-text">m answer

5 Tashaun Gipson CB Wyo</span><span class="echo-item-text">ming- A nice Depth CB who really helps in Run support and has solid size/speed co</span><span class="echo-item-text">mbonation

6 Bobby Rainey RB W Kentucky- This kid flat out was W Kent's offense and a bruising workhorse ! A nice kid to take a chance on in RD 6 At worst could be a nice change of pace back and at best u strike lighting in a bottle again(bradshaw being other)

7 Evan Rodriguez TE Te</span><span class="echo-item-text">mple- Good hands and Solid size Blocked for a great RB DUO at te</span><span class="echo-item-text">mple while also being one of there bigger threats through the Air albeit they don't air it out at te</span><span class="echo-item-text">mple Evan has a chance

Heh I love Still, but he seems to me to be gone before we pick? He would be a perfect fit for us because I dont know if anyone gets more up-the-middle push than he does. I would feel bad for poor QBs who had to step up into the pocket because of Tuck, JPP, Osi only to find Still in your face. The big difference between the now Giants and the 2007 Giants is we dont have that Fred Robbins pocket crumbler. Still will blow up any pocket.

I know we have talked about Lewis. I would love him here. Giants like versatility in LBs. OKlahoma demands the same from its LBs. He is a good player.

All the other picks are good, though I am not in love with some of them as you are. But I wouldnt mind em either. I still think we need to take the TE position more seriously than a 7th rounder. At the very least, we need depth.
[/quote] I don't know if STILL will be there when we pick? He could be or then again he could be gone I re<span class="echo-item-text">me</span><span class="echo-item-text">mber we all thought Dan Willia</span><span class="echo-item-text">ms was gonna be gone alot earlier then he went and i think he went pick 23 if i a</span><span class="echo-item-text">m not </span><span class="echo-item-text">mistaken? I think its a toss up right now as to if he still there where i got us pickcing which is pick 23

I thought Linval was gonna get </span><span class="echo-item-text">more push then he has and thats one of the reasons he was one of </span><span class="echo-item-text">my fave prospects when he ca</span><span class="echo-item-text">me out and why i wanted hi</span><span class="echo-item-text">m so badly! Your totally correct as what were </span><span class="echo-item-text">missing fro</span><span class="echo-item-text">m our 2007 club Linval and Still would be a beastly duo! Especially if it beco</span><span class="echo-item-text">mes a Trio and Austin plays well!

I</span><span class="echo-item-text">m not nessecarily in love with all the picks at the end of the </span><span class="echo-item-text">mock its just the way this paticular one worked out We got plenty of positons that are in need of Depth or legit talent but only so </span><span class="echo-item-text">many picks U gotta try and fill a few and find a couple dia</span><span class="echo-item-text">monds in the ruff later on