[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="Raptor22"][quote user="nycsportzfan"]Some of my favorite Defensive players going at it in there respective bowl games today!**** U got*

Whitney mercilus DE Illinois- Absoulute Stud! Bigtime promise from the kid who leads country in Sacks and FF's!

Casey Hayward CB Vandy- Super Underrated and i think is better prospect and player then guys like Stephon Gilmore and possibly Chase minnifield(who i also love!)

Chase minnifeild CB Virginia

Derek Wolfe DT Cincy- playmaker!


According to McShay, Mercilus is going early 2nd day... So maybe he might not be such a reach at 32nd overall...

(I can only come up with 2 reasons why McShay has him as a 2nd day prospect: 1) McShay's an idiot. 2) the huge jump in sacks from last year to this year might have teams questioning his motor or whatever)
[/quote] I could care less what mcshay says** mark my words that Whitney goes in 1st round and probably makes one of the bigger jumps up the first round as the draft approaches*** Hes utterly insane!* He just dominated again yesterday and without him* Illinois litteraly dosen't beat UCLA* His athletic ability is extremely underrated** He was making insane moves all game and* also was using his insane strength and instincts*** Dudes also got perfect 4/3 DE size** Trust me** hes going 1st round and fairly earlier then where hes perdicted to go now
[/quote]I agree he is going in the first round probably before pick 20.