[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="heavyhitter"]Landry Jones returning to Oklahoma for senior year
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[/quote] What a idiot! Hes lucky enough to have Barkley go back to school and he was guranteed to go in the top 15 even after what i thought was a up and down season he better hope he dosen't get hurt bad because in my opinion hes not really that good and certainly not as good a prospect as Sam Bradford was he might find himself behind Geno Smith Tahj Boyd Barkley Osweiler Tyler Wilson Aaron murray Right now he'd only be behind 2 QB's with about 10teams looking
[/quote]Yeah, risky move IMO. I'm not sure what else he really feels like he has to prove at OU. He was pretty much locked in as a 1st rounder this year if he would have declared. With that said, I think he'll have a hell of a senior season and make a run for the National Championship Game. Barkley has still got the edge over Jones though. RG3 still hasn't made his announcement, but I expect him to declare in the next few days. Here's a look at some of the 2013 QB's: (No Order)

  1. Aaron Murray UGA
  2. Matt Barkley USC
  3. Tyler Bray Tennessee
  4. Landry Jones Oklahoma*
  5. Tyler Wilson Arkansas
  6. Geno Smith West Virginia
  7. A.J. McCarron Alabama
  8. Tajh Boyd Clemson
  9. Logan Thomas Virginia Tech
  10. Mike Glennon NC State
  11. E.J. Manuel FSU