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Thread: A look at the12'-13' NFL draft

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    Re: A look at the 2012 NFL draft

    [quote user="nycsportzfan"]*Well* I think Greg Childs WR ARK had one of the biggest games** as far as Prospect wise in that Cotton bowl** as he finally looked healthy and at least close to what he looked like last yr** I could definetly see someone use a 5th-7thrd pick on him[/quote]Did U see Knile Davis in uniform last night.I thought he was going to go.I saw him running and cutting before the game.He might declare still.Id draft him late.
    Yeah all the Arkansas WR's except Hamilton did there thing last night. Wright got deep, Adams returned a Punt,Childs moved the chains.That team was a good football team this year. They only lost to LSU and Alabama

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    Re: A look at the 2012 NFL draft

    Im usually against drafting interior lineman. Maurkice Pouncey was the only 1 I really liked in the last few drafts. However Im really high on Peter Konz and have been for awhile.The only thing that worries me with him is his injury history. I think Konz could come in and start day 1 at Center or Guard. The Guy is a monster 6'5 315. Im really concerned about this Oline I just wonder if the Giants are as well. They may feel Petrus is the answer and who knows maybe he is. I just feel like the Giants need to add an immediate starter along that line.Which means a high pick interior lineman or FA. The running game can not be this bad again next year

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    Re: A look at the 2012 NFL draft

    HOW ABOUT WE LOOK AT 1-8-2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
    Forget the Past, Live for the Future!

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    Re: A look at the 2012 NFL draft

    [quote user="Joe Morrison"]HOW ABOUT WE LOOK AT 1-8-2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!![/quote]There 500 other threads for that. this one is for College Prospects

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    Re: A look at the 2012 NFL draft

    I knew the Giants should of picked Atkins

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    Re: A look at the 2012 NFL draft

    [quote user="Redeyejedi"]I knew the Giants should of picked Atkins[/quote] Yup Geno was a sleeper of mine that ended up moving up past Sleeper Status the yr he came out .

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    Re: A look at the 2012 NFL draft

    Heres a little Scouting Report from Walt football on mercilus I only put it on here because of the player comparison of JPP I agree with Walt about Whitney being pretty athletic. Even if u don't think hes that athletic u gotta love Whitney as a prospect

    [*]Whitney Mercilus, 6-4/265
    [*]Defensive End


    Whitney Mercilus Scouting Report

    By Charlie Campbell

    [*] Raw speed to turn the edge
    [*] Agility to sink his hips/shoulder
    [*] Strength
    [*] Repertoire of moves
    [*] Active hands
    [*] Has the strength to anchor and hold his ground vs. the run
    [*] Always looking to force fumbles
    [*] Quick get off
    [*] Shedding blocks when pass rushing
    [*] Ability to bull rush heavy tackles and guards
    [*] Extremely athletic


    [*] One-year wonder
    [*] Lacks complete body of work in college
    [*] Quality of tackles he faced

    Summary: Whitney Mercilus was the most productive pass-rusher in
    college football in 2011. He led the nation in sacks (16) and forced
    fumbles (9). It was a record-setting season as Mercilus topped Simeon
    Rice's school record for sacks in a year. Like Rice, Mercilus is a
    fabulous athlete. He has a special combination of size, speed and
    strength to go along with excellent technique. Mercilus also recorded 57
    tackles and 22.5 tackles for a loss.

    Entering the NFL, Mercilus is an advanced pass-rusher. He got the better
    of the best tackles he faced this season. Against Ohio State's Mike
    Adams, Mercilus recorded 1.5 sacks with a forced fumble. The Wisconsin
    Badgers' powerful offensive line couldn't contain Mercilus. He bull
    rushed through massive right tackle Josh Oglesby to get a sack-fumble on
    Russell Wilson. Mercilus also knocked out left tackle Ricky Wagner for
    part of the game.

    Mercilus has a very impressive repertoire of pass rushing moves. He
    attacks with speed around the edge. As a counter to the speed, he has
    the strength to execute rip moves and shed offensive linemen. Mercilus
    has the raw power to get under offensive linemen's pads and bull rush
    into the pocket. That catches linemen by surprise as they are so
    cognizant of being ready for his speed rush. Beyond his great physical
    skill set, Mercilus is an advanced pass-rusher technically.

    Mercilus holds up well in run defense. Linemen don't push him around, as
    he is strong at the point of attack. He also will burst into the
    backfield to disrupt running plays.

    The big question regarding Mercilus is why didn't break into the lineup
    sooner and why didn't he produce more earlier. In 2009 and 2010,
    Mercilus combined to record 24 tackles with two sacks and 6.5 tackles
    for a loss.

    Player Comparison: Jason Pierre-Paul. There are a lot of
    similarities between Mercilus and JPP. Both are fantastic athletes who
    come to the NFL with a special combination of speed and strength. They
    also were one-year wonders at the college level. Mercilus had more
    production than JPP in their final college season, and the latter has
    turned into one of the best pass-rushers in the NFL.

    Right now, it looks like Mercilus should get drafted in the same range
    as JPP. However, it is possible that Mercilus will be this year's Aldon
    Smith and surprise some by cracking the top 10. It is not out of the
    question for him to pass North Carolina's Quinton Coples in the lead up
    to the 2012 NFL Draft. JPP did that with Derrick Morgan in 2010. Projecting Mercilus to the pros, I see a player similar to Pierre-Paul.

    NFL Matches: Jacksonville, Chicago, San Diego, New York Jets, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit

    What team couldn't use another pass-rusher? Mercilus has the athletic
    ability to be a stand-up edge-rusher in 3-4 defenses, and that opens him
    up to consideration from a lot of teams. He looks like a natural right
    defensive end in a 4-3 defense who will challenge left tackles.

    The Jaguars will have the first crack at Mercilus, and they need an edge
    rusher. Buffalo, San Diego and the Jets are all 3-4 defenses that need
    to find a player who can put heat on the quarterback. If Mercilus gets
    past all of those teams, he could end up in Chicago. They need some
    young talent for their defense. It would be a significant fall for
    Mercilus to get to the Browns' second first-round selection, but they
    could use an end to complete their young front four. The Lions almost
    took a defensive end last year, and if they don't re-sign Cliff Avril,
    they might consider trading up to land Mercilus.

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    Re: A look at the 2012 NFL draft

    [quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="Redeyejedi"]I knew the Giants should of picked Atkins[/quote] Yup Geno was a sleeper of mine that ended up moving up past Sleeper Status the yr he came out .
    [/quote] Guess we should of waited before giving Geno his props as he just looked like a amatuer on that TD drive by Houston . How Cincy's D lets Yates drive right down the field on em after they take a 7-0 lead if beyond me! Show some pride!

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    Re: A look at the 2012 NFL draft

    After today's game if there was any focus on drafting a DT it should be completely shifted to LB, CB, or Oline. Canty and Joseph were plugging the middle all day!

    Hopefully Kuechly will be there or DeCastro.

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    Re: A look at the 2012 NFL draft

    I'm happy enough with the way the team is playing right now, I think that just getting healthy and resigning free agents will be like a whole extra draft.

    BPA all the way. Just add talent, only JR knows where it will be needed next.

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