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Did U check out the Hayward video I put up.Its him vs Arkansas. He battles Jarius Wright for in man for a lot of it. Wright beats him a couple times which is expected because Wrights a great receiver but Casey has 6 PD's in the game. I liked this video because to me Hayward is more of a zone corner but sticking with a player with the quickness Wright has in man coverage showed me a lot.


I've seen vids of Hayward. He lacks speed, but he has tremendous ball skills. I'd take a look at him in the third round. Though I've seen some mocks with him as high in the late second.[/quote] His Speed is good enough and probably right around where Janoris Jenkins speed is and hes got better ball skills then Janoris and plays the run better then alot of the top tier CB's in this yrs draft.. Hayward is about as underrated as it gets in this yrs draft.. I find it hard to believe that he gets outta the first round and at very worst top part of RD 2.. Hes quite frankly just to good!