[quote user="Raptor22"][quote user="nycsportzfan"]I get to do at least 2more weekly mocks now that we beat the mighty packers in there house for a trip to the NFC Title Game! Sweet!!!!lol

Lets get to it shall we!

1. Dwayne Allen TE Clemson- Ballards play has fall off lately due to injury and probably a bit of him falling back to earth a bit after a surprising start to his season.. Ballard is worth holding on to and would make a great DUO with Dwayne Allen... Allen would be a monster with the WR's we got and Eli as the QB...

2. Bobby Wagner mlb Utah St- I wondered how he was not being looked at as a earlier round prospect when i started noticing him a bit earlier in the season but it seems hes finally caught on and most have em as a 2nd rounder/ Early 3rd.. With Goff's injury and being a FA its a good idea getting a talented high motor/tackling machine in there.. Wagner is a complete LB who could be on the field for 3downs if need be..

3. Bernard Pierce RB Temple- A perfect fit to replace Brandon Jacobs if we do as i think and hes not retained for the 2012 season.. Pierce is a rugged between the tackles runner who can kick it outside on occasion and bust big runs by breaking tackles and showing great balance.. Pierce was my Favorite back coming into this season but with the talent pool of backs hes fell just a tad in my personal rankings but is still up there enough to love what he offers as a late 3rd round RB..

4.George Iloka S Boise St-
A very athletic and tall and rangy Safety who could be a steal in the RD 4 range.. Were a KP or Rolle injury away from having Sash starting and that is a uncertainty.. Iloka would give us Depth with the possiblity of more down the line.. Chad Jones is obviously still very much a unknown..

5. Eric Page WR Toledo- If we lose manningham we could use another WR to help with depth and challenge Jerrell Jerrnigan and the others who are here.. Page has great hands and is a versatile type WR who can do alot of diffrent things for you..

6. Derek Dennis G Temple- With Diehl likely in his last season with us afd Petrus having mixed results so far this pick makes sense and Dennis helped block for a terrific running team and has a big body and a few tools to offer a team..

7. Garth Gerhart C Arizona St- Another late rd lineman as in this mock i went in a diffrent direction so adding a couple interior lineman late trying to find a GEm is the strategy.. Gerhart is pretty good and i woulden't be surprised if he did as good as some early round C's in this draft

I approve of this mock...

The only downside I see, is that I don't know if Allen will be there at 32. I could realistically see Denver grabbing him if they decide to go through with Tebow as their starter next year. He may not have the chops to ever be a top-10 QB, but he also doesn't have much of a team around him. He (usually) makes good decisions and having a guy like Allen around would not only help out their running game, but make for a very nice safety blanket to keep their drives going.

If that happened how do you feel about Mark Barron (S, Alabama)? To my eyes, he's the prototypical Giants DB.

Also, do you have Doug Martin going ahead of our pick? I think he's my favorite RB right now. Great size, balance, hands, vision, and is a legit return threat. Definitely Ray Rice/MJD potential
[/quote] Ya Dwayne Allen could be gone but he also could be there.. I would not have much of a problem going with mark barron if he were there with one of the last few picks in RD 1.. I'd perfer to snag one of the DT's or CB's who are sorely undervalued at this point(guys like Fletcher Cox Devon Still Jerel Worthy Chase minnifield Casey Hayward Stephone Gilmore) are the guys i'd be hoping for if Allen isn't there.. I actually like markelle martin the best outta the saftey's this yr and for some reason hes shown as a late 2nd/ Early 3rd round pick on the net so if we were thinking safety in a early RD i would just wait till our 2nd rounder and hope markelle was there instead of drafting Barron in rD 1.. Again i do like Barron though...

As far as Doug martin i do think he'll be gone either end of RD 2 or first half of RD 3.. I don't even know if Pierce will quite make it to us at end of RD 3.. We shall see.. I love Doug martin! Been raving about him since the beggining of the season