[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="tdawg1413"][quote user="nycsportzfan"]Heres some ridiculously good info "LIVE" from the sr bowl from the boys over at walter football.. They have great insight and are alot closer to the players then some around here give credit for as they go to the sr bowl and combine .. They even let us know what teams are talking to who albeit in the very early stages.. my guy Doug martin was said to be super ripped and i really think that kids gonna be special! Also Gerrell Robinson WR Arz St tore it up yesterday beating a handful of soon to be NFL CB's.. His stock has to be on the rise.. Casey Hayward also was said to be ripped and as a guy i've raved about u add in a good physique with awesome on field play both against the run and pass in the tough SEC and i just don't see how its possible he dosen't get into the 2nd rd and possibly the 1st by Draft time.. I wonder if Janoris Jenkins HT is gonna hurt him? Also i was bummed to see Bobby Wagners HT only at 6ft.. I really like him a ton! Anyhow take alook at all this info its some great reading!
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Nyc, you mention a guy I absolutely want in Blue next year, Gerell Robinson. WR will only be a need if we lose Mario but Robinson has it all. He gets a little lazy at times which may be his only issue. He is big, has good speed and good hands. I can see us grabbing him in the 3rd or 4th round and that will be a steal IMO. Also, is it me or is Matt McCants a Will Beatty clone in terms of physique and ability. Before the draft, Beatty was listed at about 295 and then showed up to the combine at about 310. His stock rose to the point that we took him in Rd 2. I can see McCants going around the same time. Just a thought.
[/quote] Good comparison with Beatty and mccants.. But Beatty actually was thought to be a possible late 1st rd pick by some well before the draft and kinda fell to the end of the 2nd round.. But he definetly got there with the same attributes that mccants seems to have and its not surprising to see mccants now get in that 2nd round conversation with a very outside shot at very late 1st depending on his combine.. When u have Tackles with mcants upside and athletic ability its just a matter of time before they start rising and rising and the only way it gets hurt is if they screw themselves in these postseason all star games and combine.. I don't think Beatty really lit the world on fire at the combine if i remember correctly? Hence why i think he fell to us all the way at the end of RD 2.. Fair? Probably not but in todays NFL that combine holds a bit to much weight

I also agree about Gerrell Robinson.. Its kinda funny because when u watch him play and see his size and ability u kinda just wait to here what were hering now and that is that hes pretty good...lol I swear every yr i see a TON of these guys during the season perdicted to go in these crazy high rounds of the draft or not get talked about as any kinda serious prospect and i just sit back and wait for the RISE to take place...lol I said quite awhile ago that Whitney mercilus was gonna Rise in this yrs draft to being picked in the top 20 and now i look at mocks and see him gone by a Ton of people before pick 20 or at pick 20..lol Doug martin Casey Hayward Leonard Johnson and Bobby Wagner are guys that i felt similarly about and now u see em all in the RD 2 area

You could be right but I could swear that Beatty was originally thought to be around a late 3rd-early 4th before the draft process began. I could be wrong. Either way, they are similar to me in their abilities.
As an ASU college football fan, I saw a lot of Robinson. He has what a pro WR needs. Size, good speed, and YAC ability. He was projected somewhere around the 4th and 5th on most sites but I can see him moving into the last 2nd-early 3rd conversation.
I am also very high now on Lavonte David. I know he is undersized but he is a playmaker at the LB position. A good fit for our D as well.