One of the biggest stars on Tuesday was Michigan defensive
tackle Mike Martin. He abused Ohio State center Mike Brewster on
multiple reps. He had a few wins on bull rushes and got one win after he
rocked Brewster onto his heels before jetting by the center. It was an
impressive day from Martin and a disappointing day for Brewster. There
was a win for Brewster when he rode Ta'amu around the middle of the
pocket on a bull rush.
An entertaining portion of Tuesday's practice was a brief fight between
Mike Brewster and Mike Martin. Martin beat Brewster twice (was held
once), which angered the declining Ohio State center. Martin is really
helping himself with a strong week. I'll be shocked if he doesn't make
it into the top three rounds of my 2012 NFL Mock Draft, which will be updated tonight.
I've been saying that Martin is a guy to keep an eye on. He had a down year, but I love the way he plays. Kinda reminds me of a white Suh. What he may lack in technique, he more than makes up for with power, explosion, and hustle.