[quote user="BlueSanta"]What I have for today, some are carry overs from day 1...

1) Kirk Cousins has been the best performing QB. Scouts are liking his arm. Kellen Moore's continues to struggle at any throw downfield or sideline. I think at this point his chances of being drafted are slim and narrowed down only to west coast teams. He has looked very intelligent and accurate on short throws but it was noted that today he was trying extra hard to put umph on downfield throws and it was negatively effecting his mechanics. Wilson, a guy who's measurables had scouts worried yesterday, seems to be doing pretty well. He has had some flashes of briliance. I have read more than once that scouts love his high release point, a necessity for a short guy.

2) Prolly the biggest day 2 loser was Chris Polk(RB Washington.) This was dissapointing to see. Aparently ,they spent a lot of time in pass protection among RBs and Polk consistently lost battles and showed poor technique. More than 1 scout refered to him as slow. It was noted that it took him too long to acclerate and that at max speed he ran very upright.

3) Isaiah Pead, a guy who had scouts worried at the weigh in yesterday, has done well for himself. A couple ppl have said he is the best all around performing back so far. He even showed some fight in picking up blocks.

4) Doug martin and Dan Herron have also shown well for themselves running the ball. Speaking of backs, the bengals have spent a large bulk of their time interviewing backs. They spent a lot of time with Martin and Pead.

5) Jeff Allen(T Illinois) struggled today in many of the matchups he faced. His stock has dropped.

6) Aparently Dwight Jones (Wr NC) has really struggled getting off the LoS in press coverage. Thats not good for a big WR.

7) 1 scout noted that Marquis Maze, even though he hasnt been on the field that much, has hurt himelf. He has come across immature in conversations. He also appeared overwieght....

8) It wasnt a good day for the TEs. Igwenagu dropped 2 easy completions and has struggled. Egnew isnt a blocker(we kinda knew that) although he did ok vs speed rushers. It was the bulls who trounced em.

9) Qinton Coples and Courtney Upshaw have had their way with whoever lines up against them. Coples is reportedly showing more technique than expected to go with his raw athleticism and Upshaw is aparently unstoppably powerful. Upshaw was the best as far as setting the edge and keeping contain as well. 1 guy said he is James Harrison jr. Its been said though, that these 2 really outclass anyone lined up against them and therefor its hard to evaluate both sides.

10) Lastly, it would be a mistake to forget to mention the CBs. Most feel the defensive talent on the field this week overshadows the offensive talent. At no position is this more evident than in the defensive backfield. 3 guys names came up repeatedly. Casey Heyward, Jamell Flemming, and George Iioka. George has been a hot topic aparently. The conversation revolving around what position he will play in the NFL. Coming into this week everyone said "No a 6' 4 guy cant be a corner." But, he is showing cover skills. I still think he may end up as a safety in the NFL but someone is going to reach for this kid because he is so versatile. This is a kid who can cover those hybrid TE/WRwe see popping up around the league. He may be a mold breaker too. He aparently had a highlight interception today that was the play of the day. Flemming and Heyward have been blanketting WRs in 1v1 and in scrimmage since getting to mobile.The major exception is still Alphonzo Dennard, who struggles covering when he has to turn and run. He had 1 nice play today, and plays well as long as the ball is in front of him and he doesnt have to turn his hips.

shuld be more info on south guys tomorrow...
[/quote] THere ya go with Casey Hayward!!lol I can't say enough about that kid! Iloka also is a guy everyone including myself(put em in last mock i believe) have been really taking aliking to.. As for the RB's its not that hard to see Doug martin and Isaiah Pead are sensational backs and probably right there if not better then lamar miller and David Wilson.. Doug martin and Casey Hayward were both on my most Underrated list i made last week and there quickly becoming what looks like fast risers in this yrs draft.. I still like Polk alot but these reports are dropping him a tad on my personal rankings..