[quote user="critters"]All my guys are getting great reviews which is good to hear.

In regards to Dre Kirkpatrick... a lot of his hype is a result of his upside. He has great size and reach, good speed and plays physical. Teams stayed away from him for the most part. He has everything you need to be a lockdown corner but I think he is still developing. In 2010 it was obvious to me that Menzie was the best CB on Alabama's squad, but in 2011 Dre really turned up his game and pretty much evened it out. The only thing that separates them IMO is Dre's size. Menzie is a PHENOMENAL player and I think his stock is going to rise as we get closer to the draft. I've always rated him higher than D Robinson who I have thought would drop a bit as we got closer.
[/quote]Maybe a bold statement, but I think Janoris Jenkins will be a more productive CB in the NFL opposed to Dre Kirkpatrick. I always thought Jenkins was just as good as Joe Haden at UF. Kirkpatrick has got all the tools to be a great DB & will most likely be the 2nd CB off the board after Mo Claiborne but I still think as far as production at the next level, Jenkins has got the edge.