[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="nycsportzfan"]*James michael Johnson with the pick of Ryan Lindley..** Lindley really isn't much more then a developmental QB in my opinion..* I liked em as a sleeper* QB** but his Accuracy and decison making is way to shoddy for my liking..

my boy Isaiah Pead with mvp honors..*
[/quote]Depends on where Lindley gets picked. i wouldnt mind drafting him to try to develop into a back up/Tradeable QB but it has to be the right value[/quote]* Eh..* Gotta feeling he'll be just like Rhett Bomar..* I'd rather get Case Keenum** or* even Russell Wilson(depending on RD)
[/quote]I think Lindley fits the Giants offense better. Wilson is more intriguing because u could probably get some kind of use out of him even if its not at QB.