[quote user="rainierjef"]is it his O-line, the fact that he always is running out of the shotgun or that Isaih Pead is really really good.

i wonder how he would do in a pro style offense

if he works on and gets better at blocking blitzers he would be a steal in the third/fourth round.

i woud love to see him in New york reminds me of a young tiki the way he cuts to the hole and splits the defenders, even the way he holds the ball pre high and tight ( coughlin ) which is why he fumbles coughlin can groom this kid well to be an every down back
[/quote]I was impressed with how well he returned punts at the Senior Bowl.He didnt do it much and he broke 2 long ones there.He could have some value in that department as well.Why he isnt a good Blocker there is at least some blocking on tape.At least he is used to pass protection.Guys like Chris Polk dont have it on tape.

Here is my Pead Videos