[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="BigBlue2010"]How many rounds are you doing Redeye? I'm beginning to think Giants get great value going DL #1, CB #2 TE/OL 3 & 4 and then hear everyone say Jerry slaughtered the draft. I'm very curious to see how your draft goes.[/quote]Its 7 Rounds its on [link]http://nfldraftwizard.com/[/link] 17. Cincinnati Bengals (OAK): Kendall Wright-Wide Receiver-Baylor 18. San Diego Chargers: Jonathan Martin-Offensive Tackle-Stanford 19. Chicago Bears: Dre Kirkpatrick-Cornerback-Alabama 20. Tennessee Titans: Peter Konz-Center/Guard-Wisconsin 21. Denver Broncos (CIN): Stephen Hill-Wide Receiver-Georgia Tech 22. St. Louis Rams (CLE): Fletcher Cox-Defensive Tackle-Mississippi State 23. Houston Texans (Det): Mohamed Sanu-Wide Receiver-Rutgers I was hoping Cox fell to me. The Rams draft has been great they ended up with Claiborne and Cox after trading the 2nd pick[/quote] In possibly the deepest WR class ever(ya i said ever), where u coulden't convince me if u tried that guys like Juron Criner, Tommy Streeter, Ty Hilton, Marv McNutt, Brian Quick, Marvin Jones, Joe Adams, Jarious Wright, Nick Toon, Jeff Fuller, Dwight Jones, Chris Givens, Aj Jenkins, Rueben Randle, and Ryan Broyles, coulden't possibly be better then guys like Sanu and Stephen Hill,* u got Hill and Sanu going in the TOP 23???lol** I hope those Guys GM in the real draft![/quote]I like these WR's but I think i will wait and take one who falls in the 3rd or 4th round. Fleener is the easy pick for me to make. Its 1 u cant really argue with