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I will put this in the film room thread as wel but just in case U didnt see this

Doug Martin vs Arizona State 2011 "Las Vegas Bowl"


Redeye, whats your thoughts/film on any DE's coming in the draft this year that could fall to the 2nd or 3rd rd. Obviously you cant see the future, but some guys that could be great value in the 2nd/3rd?

[/quote]Im not really feeling any of these pass rushers to be honest with U.[/quote]Whitney Mercilus looks fantastic! I actually hope we can somehow get him to go with JPP for our future DE tandem. I think Mercilus is the closest thing to JPP since JPP.. I think he rises to far up the draft for us though.. I'm thinking Janoris Jenkins at this point because i expect mercilus, kuechly, richardson and decastro to all be gone by the time we select.. I'm now hoping for Janoris Jenkins, Chase Minnifield, Pete Konz(if he comes out), Dwayne Allen, or Jerel Worthy..[/quote]I havent disagreed with U much this season but I do disagree with U about Mercilus.I dont think he is a bad prospect but I dont see anywhere near the elite level athletic ability JPP possess's .JPP had an insane burst off the line of scrimmage,Mercilus doesnt have that.What is similar about Mercilus and JPP is the motor.Both players play hard dont take plays off and are relentless.I do like that quality about Mercilus. Mercilus isnt so much about elite athleticism but hard work.Mercilus is also pretty well refined as a player.He uses his hands and arms real well. He reminds me more of a Derrick Morgan or Robert Ayers prospect then JPP or Aldon Smith.[/quote]Got to agree w/ Redeye on Whitney Mercilus. Not a bad prospect, but nowhere near the level of JPP. I actually think Nick Perry of USC is a much better defensive end.
[/quote] Its fine to dissagree Either way Whitney is gonna be a stud and i think u lead the nation in sacks and forced fumbles when your litteraly the focus of offensive lines unless your very athletic Hes fantastic!
[/quote][/quote]I've still got Southern Cal DE Nick Perry rated higher than Mercilus. His stock has gotta be on the rise w/ his strong combine showing the other day. Here's his results:

Nick Perry Combine Results
4.64 40 yard dash
35 bench reps of 225 pounds
38.5 inch vertical jump
124 inch broad jump
7.25 3 cone drill
4.66 20 yard shuttle

[/quote][/quote] Ya, his stock on the rise from a all ready most likely 1st rder.. Hes been rated higher then mercilus... I never thought Perrys had a chacne at going to us.. regardless, i like Mercilus more, but i can understand why some like Perry, because most Sites got him ranked higher then Mercilus..[/quote]I'm not gonna argue w/ you pal, here's Mayock's top 5 at DE:

Rank Previous Ranking (1/24)
Updated Rank (2/14)
1 Quinton Coples, North Carolina Melvin Ingram, South Carolina
2 Melvin Ingram, South Carolina Quinton Coples, North Carolina
3 Whitney Mercilus, Illinois Andre Branch, Clemson
4 Nick Perry, USC Whitney Mercilus, Illinois
5 (tie) Chandler Jones, Syracuse Vinny Curry, Marshall
Andre Branch, Clemson Nick Perry, USC

*That's right, he had Mercilus ranked ahead of Perry in January and February & I still stick to my word that Nick Perry is a better DE than Whitney Mercilus. End of discussion-
[/quote]I think Perrys gonna be a big bust to be honest... He didn't even show up untill the last 4games of the season...

Now theres a SIG BET i'll do with ya.. I'll gurantee u that Mercilus has more sacks and forced fumbles and TFL then Perry as a rookie...

1) I think you've got Nick Perry all wrong
2) You're ON for the SIG BET
3) We will have to come up w/ a time frame for how long the loser of the bet has to keep the SIG up for. I'm thinking about 6 months sounds fair.

[/quote] We'll do just Sacks, because its more fair.. I'd hate to lose the best when Mercilus has 5more sacks and 3more FF's, but one less TFL or something..lol[/quote]You got it, sig bet is ON. Mercilus vs Perry in 2012 for most sacks. Hope you're prepared to be sporting a Justin Beiber sig for 6 months, lol.