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[quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="nycsportzfan"]*Bobbie Massie is great Value at the end of RD 3.. I'd take him! Also, Brandon Thompson is abum, in my opinion..* I'd consider Audie Cole for us if hes out there still, as well...[/quote]Its Massie so far 1. Coby Fleener TE 2. Trumaine Johnson CB/S 3. Bobby Massie OT[/quote] That would be a very nice first 3rds in my opinion..** Its actually one of the better mocks i've seen, for the prospects i'm interested in...

Whats taking so long for the next team to pick in RD 3? They've been on Lions pick of Jared crick in RD 3 forever..

[/quote]Its done the guy hasnt updated it yet. It took forever
88 Osweiler Broncos
89-Josh Norman, Dolphins
90-Brandon Thompson, Saints
91-Robert Turbin Steelers
92-Malik Jackson Lions
93. Lepnard Johnson Lions
94 Dwight Bentley Pats
95 Bobby Massie Giants