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[quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="nycsportzfan"]*Bobbie Massie is great Value at the end of RD 3.. I'd take him! Also, Brandon Thompson is abum, in my opinion..* I'd consider Audie Cole for us if hes out there still, as well...[/quote]Its Massie so far 1. Coby Fleener TE 2. Trumaine Johnson CB/S 3. Bobby Massie OT[/quote] That would be a very nice first 3rds in my opinion..** Its actually one of the better mocks i've seen, for the prospects i'm interested in... </P>

Whats taking so long for the next team to pick in RD 3? They've been on Lions pick of Jared crick in RD 3 forever..</P>

[/quote]Its done the guy hasnt updated it yet. It took forever 88 Osweiler Broncos 89-Josh Norman, Dolphins 90-Brandon Thompson, Saints 91-Robert Turbin Steelers 92-Malik Jackson Lions 93. Lepnard Johnson Lions 94 Dwight Bentley Pats 95 Bobby Massie Giants[/quote]* Nice! Keep posting every 10picks or so, as i'm very interested in the results.. Are u going 7rds?** I enjoy putting my 2cents in...</P>

Bernard PIerce is still out there, but i doubt he makes it to u in RD 4..* Also,* u still got Nigel Bradham, Audie Cole, Juron Criner, Demario Davis, Dajohn Harris, Tyrone Crawford, Marvin Jones, Jarius Wright, Aj Jenkins, David Molk, Vick Ballard, Ryan Broyles(value, if gets over injury, u got a steal), and Derek Wolfe.. </P>

my big board would be something like this(all thoguh i could be forgetting someone..</P>

1. Bernard Pierce RB Temple</P>

2. Audie Cole LB Nc State</P>

3. Dajohn Harris DT U.S.C</P>

4. Demario Davis LB Ark St</P>

5. Nigel Bradham LB Fla St</P>

6. Jarius Wright WR Ark</P>

7. Derek Wolfe DT Cincy</P>

8. Ryan Broyles WR OU</P>

9. Tyrone Crawford DE Boise St</P>

10. Aj Jenkins WR Illinois</P>

*</P>[/quote]Im hoping to get either a RB WR or LB with the next pick[/quote]* I gotta feeling your gonna go Jarius Wright.. I know ur draft ways pretty well, and he seems like a guy u would be interested in in RD 4...* Just a hunch though, as he could also be off the board...* I'd also have DT and DE on my radar though, with guys like ROcky Bernard being a FA, and OSI and Tuck being oldish, and it playing such a big part in the GIANTS success.. Dajohn Harris, Derek Wolfe, Tyrone Crawford are solid value in RD 4...[/quote] I wish I saw the trade offer at the end of the second round. I would of moved down ang otten the extra 4th. The one guy that does also the sleeper small school prospects Josh B. Has been trading down the whole draft. I think he has like 8 picks*from the 4-6. Wright is certainly a guy im looking at. Dajohn Harris wouldnt be a bad get either. Versatile big athletic guy.Pierce I think will be gone