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Redeyes Draft is looking very nice so far...

1. Coby Fleener TE Stanford

2. Trumaine Johnson CB/FS Montana

3. Bobbie Massie OT Ole Miss

4. Dajohn Harris DT U.S.C

5. Nigel Bradham OLB Florida St

[/quote]No complaints w/ this right here. I'm not sure if Massie will still be on the board at the tail end of round 3 though. Same goes w/ Dajohn Harris and Nigel Bradham. Aren't they projected to go higher than this?
[/quote]Yeah they were on the board when I picked. Nigel Bradham for the most part Ive seen late 3 early 4 I got him with the last pick of the 5th. Bradham has instinct problems so I think he may go later then most are predicting.Where im getting him though its Special teams at worst and his size/speed is great for that. Massie in another expert mock went pick #52 I got him at #95. Harris, Wes Bunting for instance has #84 overall on his top 100. I got him at #127. Trumaine Johnson is about right I think. A bunch of GM's got upset when I made that pick because they wanted him. The top CB's and Safeties went early I wouldnt of got one if I waited. Fleener ended up being my worst valued pick depending on who u listen to. I think he is well worth the pick. Others who just look at him as a TE will disagree. I look at Fleener as a playmaker, an offensive weapon. He averaged almost 20 YPC and scored 10 Touchdowns. I think people dont see the potential thats here. Ballard is not a Seam stretcher, Fleener is. Now think about this when Fleener runs the Seam he will attract a LB short and a safety deep freeing the middle for crossing patterns to Nicks and Cruz who will have 1 less guy in the box to have to beat. Fleener will further widen the field for the Giants and give them another red zone option.[/quote]Yeah, this mock looks really good, it fills need and you're getting really great value at the same time. Where are rounds 6 and 7? We'll know about the comp picks at the end of the month, right?
[/quote]6 and 7 are today no Comp picks yet. The one after FA will have them[/quote]Any good RB's still left on the board? Maybe another CB to play in the slot for nickel/dime situations? This draft class seems to be deep in those two positions. What round did "Touchdown" Tommy Streeter go in?