[quote user="heavyhitter"][quote user="TheEnigma"][quote user="heavyhitter"]Somebody who knows a thing or two about the salary cap, explain this to me. Cowboys, Redskins penalized for overspending[/quote]Think that the NFL warned teams not to have too many front loaded contracts for the 10-11 season since it was "pushing the rules" per say to avoid cap issues in future seasons. The Cowboys and Redskins were the biggest offenders by far.[/quote]Cowboys lose 10 million, Skins 36 million. That's a lot of money man for "pushing the rules". Not that I care, but after signing RG3 to his contract, they won't have much more money to play w/ after that.
[/quote]Isn't that the year they signed Haynesworth? Must of really front loaded that contract of his I guess.