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In the other thread about players we like for the Giants, I mentioned Childs because to me, he is 1 of a few mid/late round prospects who are considered "outside" guys, which is what I feel we need.

After the 1st round talents, this Wr class is strongest in guys who would line up in the slot. I feel it would be a shame to remove Cruz from that role since he is the best slot guy in the NFL. A guy like Childs is a mid round option to help fill MM's shoes.
[/quote] I freaking love childs.. Hes exactly the type of player Reese gets, because Reese just gets it, and realizes Childs was a borderline 1st rder, at least 2nd rder going into this season, but injuries really hampered his season, but Reese i'm sure realizes by Childs proday that the guy is healthy, adn will love getting CHilds as a Value pick... Redeye adn I have both always liked Childs, and its usually a good sign, when all 3 of us( u included), like the same player..lol Childs would fit this team like a glove...

I also think danny coale would be a good outside guy, who can also go over the middle, and has a good frame on em, to absorb contact, and would be a nice 5th rd-7th rd WR for us.. Coale is gonna be a steal for someone, mark my words.. He won't be a star, but he will be very good...