[quote user="Neverend"]Yeah the problem with Quick though is he's a raw route runner and he might struggle with the playbook and adjusting to this system Because of it, his rookie year might be a redshirt year. Otherwise I have no problem with him and he has great upside, the type of player the giants really love[/quote] Ya, but we got jerrnigan with a yr under his belt all ready, and if he don't work out, we got Hixon signed, and Barden on his last strike, so we should be able to give Quick a yr to learn, while playing a bit here and there... I read hes a real good kid with no off field problems at all, which is a plus... Hes got tremendous upside..</P>

I like this Quote from the kid... " I'll just be happy to be drafted, i don't care where.. Being picked is only the first step... I don't care about the money, the money dosen't matter to me"... I got this off NFLDRAFTSCOUT... u cant copy and paste from there.. </P>

I just get teh feeling this kid really likes playing football, and obviously has all the physical tools, and those kids are fun to watch...</P>