[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="heavyhitter"]The Patriots have two 1st round picks & two 2nd round picks in this years draft. Got a feeling they're gonna snatch up some guys I'm real high on and end up having a great draft class.
[/quote]** ya, i do think they take at least one CB though, and i'm not to sure, i'm hoping the GIANTS take a CB to early, seeing how we resigned some guys, including TT..* I also don't see them taking a TE, which is one less team to worry about taking Allen, Fleener and Charles, and playing the 3/4 on defense, they could look for guys we'd possibly not consider for the 4/3..* Now, i could see them taking a stab at a WR we like or even a RB, but i'm glad its them this yr with alot of picks and not a team needing many of the same things we need...[/quote]

It could be a concern tho. new england loves to trade down and if a great prospect falls in the draft someone in the second round could make the jump